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This French artist entombed himself in a rock for seven days

If you’ve got claustrophobia, this story may make you a little queasy. Being stuck inside a rock for a week probably would have that effect on the average person.

French artist Abraham Poincheval spent a whole week entombed in a 12-tonne boulder at Palais de Tokyo modern art museum in Paris.

The rock had a small space for Poincheval’s body and necessities – food, water, and of course his own waste. He lived on soups and dry meats for a week without a gulp of fresh air. The air he breathed was siphoned through cracks and crevices in the stone.

Man inside boulder

The space was in complete darkness with his only idea of time being hushed chatter and steps of feet inside the museum.

After stepping outside the rock he spoke to reporters, saying “I’m a little dazed, which I imagine is totally normal after one week living in a rock.”

Man emerges from boulder

He continued by referring to the rock: “I thank it very much, for having been so enthusiastic about welcoming me.”

Throughout his time in the boulder, he received visitors, including his mum, who would talk to the rock. This was comforting for Poincheval, he explained.

Man inside boulder

The artist isn’t a newcomer to the claustrophobic project. He spent almost two weeks living inside the carcass of a bear in 2014. Before that, he spent a week underground with a rock blocking his access to the world. He called this project 604,800 Seconds.

Man inside bear

For his next project, which will begin March 29, Poincheval will spend three to four weeks atop a dozen eggs in the anticipation that they will hatch.

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