Featured Image for Zara called out for promoting curvy jeans with thin models

Zara called out for promoting curvy jeans with thin models

Here’s a brilliant idea: sell a range of curvy jeans for women with curves, but promote using models that actually have none.

That’s what fashion retailer Zara did with its latest campaign when it released a poster depicting two slender women wearing curvy jeans, along with the slogan, “Love your curves.”

Irish radio personality Muireann O’Connell noticed the erring body-positive message in a Dublin store and posted a photo of it on Twitter. Her tweet has caused outrage on social media, having received more than 15K retweets and 28K likes.

According to O’Connell, while there’s nothing wrong with the models, advertising them as ‘curvy’ may send an unhealthy message to plus-size women.

“It’s nothing against their body frames at all or how they look, they look like beautiful, beautiful women,” she told CNN. “It’s the marketing campaign behind it.”

This isn’t the first time Zara has run into controversy. In 2007, the retail giant drew flak after it sold a bag emblazoned with swastikas.

In July 2016, an illustrator filed a lawsuit against them after the company allegedly stole over 40 badge designs from indie artists. A few months later, a woman also filed a lawsuit against Zara after she found a dead rat sewn into the hem of her dress.

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