Featured Image for This image of the Namibian desert might look like a cartoon but it’s not

This image of the Namibian desert might look like a cartoon but it’s not

At first, you might think this picture is a modern art painting or even a cartoon, but it’s actually a well-timed photograph!

Taken by Frans Lanting for National Geographic, the image features the Dead Vlei, a white clay plain found in the Namibian desert. It’s hard to fathom how such a dreamlike image could be real, but it’s all a matter of the right person at the right place and time.

“It was made at dawn when the warm light of the morning sun was illuminating a huge red sand dune dotted with white grasses while the white floor of the clay pan was still in shade. It looks blue because it reflects the colour of the sky above,” said Lanting.

This is not a painting: Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia from woahdude

“Because of the contrast between the shady foreground and the sunlit background, I used a two-stop graduated filter which reduced the contrast,” he added.

“The perfect moment came when the sun reached all the way down to the bottom of the sand dune just before it reached the desert floor. I used a long telephoto lens and stopped it all the way down to compress the perspective.”

Other artists – such as Michael Brandt, Barbara Cole, and Jianan Yu – have also produced photos proving that life really imitates art. Check out some of their works below.

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Fotografia de Michael Brandt

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Painting or photo? It might look like soft brush strokes, but this image, called "Painted Ladies" is actually a photograph by Barbara Cole.

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Our differences make the world a better place.

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