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Is Facebook building a mind-reading social media platform?

Mind-reading is the stuff of vampires and X-Men right? Well, wrong. And it might soon be a reality for us all. Apparently, Facebook is gathering a team of neuroscientists to explore the possibilities of virtual communications that are reliant on telepathy.

The Independent reported on the matter, saying that social networking site is creating a “brain-computer interface” which will allow this mind-reading connection.

The Facebook research team is advertising for a bunch of curious jobs, which include the futuristic title of a “brain-computer interface engineer” to join the team of eight constructors. Sounds like some freaky Star Trek stuff to us. This job will require the engineer to develop advanced technologies as well as utilising artificial intelligence and computers to collect “neuroimaging and electrophysiological data.”

Each job advertised has a two-year contract, and the successful applicant is required to be “slightly impatient.”

This doesn’t seem like a whimsical project, so it’s unsurprising to recall that Mark Zuckerberg addressed the issue of telepathy and its connection to technology in a Q&A last year. He poetically described the advantages of this technology which would be able to “capture a thought… in its ideal and perfect form in your head and share that with the world.”

There is the chance that this project may not be successful, but if it kicks off, we’re unsure whether this technology will be a whole new social media program, or if it will weasel its way into our trusted Facebook.