You’ve never seen anything in the world like a Japanese grindcore concert

Splendour In The Grass has nothing on this. While we admit that we’ve posted some straight up weird stuff from Japan on this site, we also have no intention of slowing down. Our friends from the Land of the Rising Sun are simply keeping it coming.

Today we’re shining our spotlight on Japanese grindcore band Viscera Infest, who are currently signed under Obliteration Records. They’ve enjoyed over a decade of success in a very enthusiastic niche genre that we’re glad to see is present in their part of the world.

Viscera Infest’s music revolves around the theme of disease, with aptly named albums such as Sarcoidosis and Verrucous Carcinoma under their belt. They’re also being credited for inspiring fans to do something called ‘Cockroach Moshing’ which can be seen in the attached video.

The clip begins with the curiously named track ‘Genital Grinder’. Other songs are pretty straightforward, with ‘Uterodialysis’ being a personal favourite. Also, the drummer is noticeably playing in his underwear.

Finally, the magical moment arrives just past the 23-minute mark, where several audience members are seen hitting the floor on their backs, rapidly shaking their arms and legs like cockroaches in a mad panic.

We can’t understand Japanese, so we might be missing something here. But somehow we find it oddly appealing, perhaps even growing our curiosity, when many are so quick to judge.

For more on Viscera Infest, check them out on Facebook.

Via Dangerous Minds