This crazy Japanese show has celebrities biting into things hoping they’re made of candy

Talk about breaking your sweet tooth. This is what happens when you’ve seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too many times.

The Japanese have long set the gold standard for crazy shows. They brought us the original Silent Library, infamous classics such as Human Tetris, and the legendary Takeshi’s Castle, which went on to inspire the creation of countless shows across the world.

Simply put, they only have themselves to outdo. And you better believe it, they’re always trying. Always.

The latest gem we’ve discovered is a show called Candy or Not Candy, and the name pretty much gives it away.

In this show, Japanese celebrities are presented with what look like ordinary things you’ll find at home, like shoes, coffee tables, and picture frames. They then have to sink their teeth into the assigned object, hoping that it’s edible.

It may seem like an absolutely ridiculous concept, but it’s fascinating to see how well made some of the candy is. And then, of course, there’s watching a famous person nibble on an actual shoe.

All in all, it looks like good fun, and we can’t wait for the next crazy Japanese show we come across.

Via YouTube