Let this cosplayer teach you how to fake muscles using silicone push-up bras

Forget personal trainers. Cosplayers are the ones who could really help you grow muscles.

In Japan, a cosplayer has found a quick and cheap way to get swole. Twitter user ‘@YakiYakou’ recently uploaded photos of her body transformation to fit the role of her ‘Fate/Grand Order’ cosplay. It involved sticking silicone push-up bras on her arms, creating the illusion of added bulk.

“The fake muscles for my Cu Chulainn cosplay turned out really well so I just want to share,” she said. “All you need to do is attach NuBra cups to muscular places around your arms!

“Layer two on your shoulder, and put one on both side of your upper arm and your forearm, using a total of six cups per arm.”

It’s simple yet effective. Once she covered her arms with sleeves, the costume looked amazing! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go out to buy some silicone push-up bras before my next Tinder date.