This incredibly designed mountain hut gives unbeatable views of the Italian Alps

Imagine taking a coffee break at this place. Unreal. A whoppping 2,096 metres up in the Dolomites is the Obereggen Mountain Hut, designed by Peter Pichler and Pavol Mikolajcak.

The amazing structure houses a restaurant, and its unique form, which was inspired by a tree branch, boasts huge windows and wide terraces that offer stunning views of the Northern Italian mountainside.

“To construct the hut, builders used materials sourced entirely from local wood. The structure and geometric interiors are made from spruce, while all of the furniture inside is oak,” writes Stephanie Chang of My Modern Met.

Based on the photos, it seems like a really immersive experience, that’s not only luxurious, but an up-close-and-personal way to enjoy the region while staying warm and cozy.

Whether you’re enjoying the slopes with friends or family, or out on a romantic getaway, it seems you can’t go wrong with this place.

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