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Mayonnaise cafes are taking over the streets of Japan

These cafes are something we never thought we would see. We are starting to think that we’ve underestimated how much the Japanese LOVE their mayo.

Before you start freaking out that a tangy, white sauce is going to be stirred into your morning coffee, know that we are talking about Kewpie mayonnaise.

American mayonnaise is different as it is comprised of whole eggs, distilled vinegar, salt, and sugar whereas Kewpie mayo has egg yolks as well as apple or rice vinegar.

Kewpie mayonnaise is a Japanese condiment which was created by Toichiro Nakashima who had travelled to the USA to study food production. While exploring the states, he discovered your typical American mayonnaise, and obviously loved it.

Around 1925 Nakashima set up his own mayonnaise company with a cartoon Kewpie doll mascot borrowed from cartoonist Rose O’Neill. And voilà, we had an era of mayonnaise lovers.

So, after mayonnaise cafes enjoyed some success last year, this year more of the pop-up shops are being open around Tokyo and Nagoya which will hopefully encourage people to consume more vegetables (coated in mayo of course).

The mayonnaise cafes will only be open from March 1 to March 31 in Tokyo and from April 3 to April 30 in Nagoya

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