Croatia’s frozen waterfalls make it look like a fantasy world

These photos look like they came straight out of Middle Earth. Waterfalls by default are mesmerising, and some countries are just blessed with dozens, if not hundreds of them. But have you ever imagined them frozen? Have you ever seen them in all their frosted glory?

Well, Hungarian photographer Tamás Tóth has an eye for these things. On a recent trip with friends to Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park, he made sure to capture a kind of beauty that’s literally been frozen as if asking to be photographed.

You’ll notice the intensity of the blue, and that’s apparently because of the limestone content, which gives the waterfalls that colour. Coupled with the reflective pools, pale skies, starlit nights, and just the illusions that ice seems to play on the naked eye, and voila – it looks magical!

The photos look so surreal, like it’s the sub-zero landscape of a newly discovered frozen planet. If you look up images of the park during other seasons, it’s nothing like this. We’re grateful to Tamás that he captured and shared these images.

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