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Brilliant Snickers ads take over Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue

Usually too many Snickers and a bikini don’t really mesh well, but these ads are definitely the exception.

The confectionary company Mars has just released new print advertisements for their famous chocolate bar Snickers and they aren’t your typical chocolate ad.

Apparently Snickers enjoys buying the back cover of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue for advertising space and parodying swimsuit models. This month the models are on the hairier side of things.

Snickers is known for its tagline “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” The brand has played on this idea to take this month’s parody to a new level.

It is Snickers’ third year in a row taking over the back cover of the magazine (check out previous ones here and here) and this year they added the inside front cover so the swimsuit magazine boasts two of their ads.

The ads show unusual (fictional) swimsuit magazines. It explains that the fictional magazine editors made this weird swimsuit mistake because they were hungry.

Obviously, the mistake could have been avoided if only they had a Snickers on hand.

Check out the ads here.

Snickers SI ad
Snickers SI ad

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