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These pimped out Japanese disco trucks are INSANE!

Are you into modded trucks that are basically mobile light shows? Don’t worry; Japan’s got you covered.

In a country where there’s seemingly a subculture for everything, it’s no surprise that people in Japan have been pimping their trucks and turning them into mobile into works of art for decades now.

It’s called Dekotora, and it’s a subculture of Japanes truck drivers who invest a lot of time and money (really a lot) into making their trucks look as impressive as possible.

One Dekotora driver says he’s spent enough on his truck that he could’ve bought a house with the money instead.

These guys aren’t kidding around. When interviewed, Dekotora devotees talk about these trucks as their life’s work and greatest achievement. Much like people talking about full body tattoos that took decades to complete.

And when you see them in action, it makes a lot more sense. These things are truly stunning.


truck with woman standing in front

We seriously need this trend to spread beyond Japan. The world would be such a nicer-looking place if these things were driving around everywhere.

For now, if you want to see Dekotora trucks, you might have to travel to Japan (unless you’re already there, of course!)

But as with so many other trends from Japan, Dekotora trucks will probably become more widely-known thanks to the internet miracles of articles like the one you’re reading now.

If you’ve got a truck and you want to do something with it, why wait? Dekotora in your country can start with you.

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