Oh no! When you’re out fishing and a gator steals your catch…

This poor little kid was in for a surprise when he went fishing and caught a big one, only to see it stolen by a massive alligator.

Imagine how disappointed you’d be if you were in his shoes. That’s the kind of traumatic early experience that could put you off fishing for life.

Wait, what am I saying? This is probably the coolest fishing-related experience imaginable. Most people would gladly throw that fish back in the water after catching it, if they thought they’d have the opportunity to get mugged by a gator.

Now, it would be a whole different story if they were wading in the river to fish. Then the gator’s arrival might not have been so cool. But watching it from the pier like that must have been amazing.

Of course, if you go fishing in a place like Florida, this is only to be expected. Even golfers have to regularly deal with gators loitering around water hazards on the course.

In fact, fish thefts perpetrated by gators are common enough in Florida that they’re basically their own genre of youtube video. This one here comes out of nowhere and runs up the shore:

That second video would still be cool to experience, but it’s probably a bit more scary when there’s no pier separating you from the gator, as you can tell from the distressed yell of the girl, and the dad’s nervous chuckle.

Someone needs to remind these gators who’s boss if this keeps happening. In the meantime, if a gator asks you for your fish, or your wallet, just give it to them. Don’t be a hero, kid.

Via BoingBoing.