WATCH: Super creepy TV host gropes a bikini model on-air, she punches him in the face like a legend

I mean technically we’re against violence – but to be honest, we could watch this guy get punched in the face all day.

Rayssa Teixeiro Melo is a fitness model who appeared on a live Brazilian infomercial show that was flogging a brand of sunscreen.

It was never going to be the most compelling TV, but things got pretty red-hot when the host decided to basically sexually harrass her live on air.

She was on the show to demonstrate how to properly put on sunscreen (because as everyone knows, this can only be done with a half-naked, smoking hot bikini model).

The host and certified creep kept trying to touch her around the um…butt-region when putting on the sunscreen, and like a true pro, Melo swatted him away, saying:

“No, that’s my bottom…do you know this part, the bum?”

But when the ass of a host kept persisting she finally lost it – landing a solid right hand to the jaw, trashing the set and storming off.

This isn’t only disturbing because we all just had to watch a woman get groped live on air, but the fact that someone would think this is OK in the first place is chilling.

We’ve got a long way to go.