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Japan keeps it weird with bald man competition

When it comes to bizarre news, Japan never disappoints. The country that gave us hentai and weird Kit-Kat flavours has now bestowed yet another bizarre gift to the world: bald man contests.

It’s the latest oddity to emerge from Japan’s seemingly endless font of oddball creativity. And it involves sticking a suction cup on top of your shiny bald noggin.

How did this happen? First, a group of bald men in the city of Tsuruta decided to start a Bald Men’s Club. As for what happened next, presumably they realized there was really no good reason for a bald men’s club to hold meetings, so they decided to make things interesting with some friendly games.

Then some mad bald genius had the brilliant idea of attaching suction cups to the smooth polished skulls of the members of the Tsuruta Bald Men’s Club, for the purpose of having a tug of war contest.

It’s basically the bald man olympics.

The head of the club, Teijiro Sugo, who is possibly the coolest person on the face of the Earth, says that he wants this event to become a global competition, uniting bald men from all over the globe in the pursuit suction cupped glory.

No word yet on whether the contest will expand to include other events, but coconut cracking would seem like an obvious choice.

So if you’re bald, or you think you might go bald in the future, take heart: instead of just shaving your head or buying a wig, you can now travel to Japan, attach a suction cup to your head, and get owned in tug-of-war by a 70 year old Japanese man.

What an age we live in.

Via Huffington Post