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A puppet sent this girl his dick pics and you can’t make this stuff up

When YouTuber ‘HeyParis’ recently opened her Instagram DMs, she found she had gotten a dick pic. A PUPPET’S DICK PIC.

You most definitely read that right. According to the 23-year-old from Toronto, the photos she received a couple of selfies from a puppet named Lux, then came pictures of his dick, which was made from felt.

“He said he wanted to be my side boyfriend,” said HeyParis. “I just thought it was really funny and creative so I didn’t take offence to it.”

Lux initially denied he sent the vulgar photos, but eventually admitted to BuzzFeed News about what he did. According to him, he slid into HeyParis’ DMs to let her know she could “get it.”

“My grandma always told me to follow your dreams naw meen,” he said

I just came from taking my grandma to the doctors office and see somebody tried to expose me! I don't know who ByeLondon is but that ain't my dick! I'm a good Christian puppet out her looking to slang this di..I mean serve the Lord. Hypothetical if I did AND I'm not saying I did BUT if I did send them, 1-10 LADIES what yall think? You fucking or nah? ? #puppets #puppetwave #blackpuppet #urbanpuppets

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But wait, there’s more. In another strange turn of events, another puppet – a woman named Kiyah – came out and exposed Lux. She even went as far as uploading an NSFW photo of her and Lux.

I love this shirt! ? #squadgoals #puppet #puppets #puppetwave

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He will swear up and down this ain't him but it is! Not tonight. Go play with them other bitches. ??? @lux.1hunnid

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As yall can see @lux.1hunnid WAS deep in prayer! It is what it is! #lux1hunnid #helying #helying

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The internet doesn’t know what to think of all this.

I guess that’s enough internet for one day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go wash my eyes with holy water.

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