Fashionistas beware, this new app allows you to self-design your clothes

Google has partnered with Ivyrevel to create an android app that designs your clothes based on your preferences and daily behavior.

We’re going through a time of extreme personalisation. 3D tech is allowing us to physically create the world around us and manipulate our immediate environment according to our imagination.

Facebook and Twitter are developed to feed us with information that fits our specific tastes and interests, independent if it’s true or false.

And now there’s an app that works as your personal fashion designer.

Google has partnered with Ivyrevel, an H and M-backed startup to create ‘Coded Couture’ an initiative that will turn smartphones into personal fashion designers. You install an app on your phone and tell the device the type of occasion you want the outfit for – options available are Party, Gala, or Business.

The app then begins to gather information from your daily activities so it can create a dress based in your unique profile.

Variables like the weather of your particular region, your exercise routine and the places you visit factor into the design. The app will record where you go out for dinner or the clubs you hang out with friends, and will even take into account whether the meet-ups are casual or formal.

After seven days of data recollection, the app will deliver your ‘data_dress’ design, which you can choose to tailor for $99.

They state on their official site: “We believe that fashion can really amplify your personality and boost your confidence. But finding something unique to wear can be difficult. That’s why we, with our friends at Google, developed a technology that allows us to create one of a kind designs based on how you live your life. Magically, art and code working together.”

The app is currently in a closed alpha stage and it will be launching in beta later this year.