Featured Image for This young Aussie filmmaker’s drone footage of the Philippines is absolutely sick

This young Aussie filmmaker’s drone footage of the Philippines is absolutely sick

White sand beaches, blue waters, and an adventure waiting at every corner – how does that sound?

The Philippines is known for many things: lovely people, beautiful weather, jeepneys, and an unlikely love affair with basketball, among others. But many who spend their holidays there go for something more obvious: the country’s over 7,000 islands.

That’s exactly what 18-year-old Melanie Or did. She visited with her two siblings on a short volunteering stint late last year. She had no idea what to expect for the rest of the trip, and decided to get creative.

The result: the insane drone footage you see in the clip above.

“The scenery was crazy beautiful. A different kind of beauty to Australian landscape, never had I seen such blue waters,” she said.

The siblings spent nearly a month hopping islands, and they mapped out a route based on their shared love for waterfalls. They researched heavily online, listed plenty, and tried to visit as many as they could.

“Waterfalls are always hidden away. It was an adventure to find them,” admitted Melanie.

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As impressive as her work already looks, Melanie will only be sharpening her skills, having been recently admitted into University of Technology Sydney for a Bachelor’s in Communication, Media Arts and Production in International Studies.

She’s hoping to do a van trip around Australia or backpack through New Zealand soon, so we’re definitely looking forward to what she’ll come up with next.

For more of Melanie’s work, check her out on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

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