This legend ACTUALLY baked cookies with Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice-cream

Ben and Jerry’s is the ultimate when it comes to ice cream, and ‘Cookie Dough’ is their best-selling variety. But, we weren’t really sure we could trust that their cookie dough pieces were the real deal… until now.

American author Andy Kryza was having a sober night at home when the thought of what a Ben and Jerry’s cookie would taste like crossed his mind.

Luckily for all of us, Kryza followed through on his curiosity and actually conducted an experiment on the matter.

Firstly, the author sifted through a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to find about 20 mini dough-balls, each of which is about the size of a penny. He then laid these on a tray and baked as you would traditional cookies.

Fortunately, the experiment was a success! However, there were some differences to your usual cookie. Seeing as the chocolate chips are evenly mixed through the whole pint of ice-cream, the cookies were more of a crispy snack with the occasional choc chip throughout.

He then moved on to a giant dough-ball. This is obviously where we begin to froth at the mouth. Apparently this giant ball of cookie goodness was even better than the mini cookies. It was moist, fuller, and of course, there was more of it.


So did Kryza decide to rest on his delicious laurels? No. Instead, he said “screw it, I’m going all in”.

Thiss where it gets really interesting.

Kryza had probably consumed a little too much cookie dough by this point and ended up dumping a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s onto the oven tray.

Hey, we aren’t complaining. We are very intrigued.

OK, so the last attempt ended up looking like dog vomit but I’m going to trust Kryza that it was actually very similar to pudding. Hot, delicious pudding.

The final note from the author is that the whole experiment is definitely worth conducting more than once.

“And it’s delicious. I ate the whole thing, and you know what? It’s gonna happen again,” he said.

“As soon as my wife goes out of town. She hates burnt milk stank.”