This Japanese-Australian’s adorable animations will make you rethink your breakfasts

Adelaide-based Japanese animator Makoto Koji puts a fluffy spin on modern breakfasts with her new animated short, Breakfasts.

The short film is composed of vignettes featuring cute anthropomorphic animals having their first meal of the day. The different scenes also show how technology has changed breakfast – for better or worse.

The film was created as for International online bi-monthly challenge, Loop de Loop where the theme was ‘breakfasts’ and was voted the Adelaide winner.

You can see more of Makoto Koji’s work here.

Had heaps of fun at the last @loopdeloop_animation screening for 2016 last night. My loop won the Adelaide comp! Yay! All the ADL entries were so good and made by ladies ?Also huge shout out to @lisa_vertudaches who has been amazing organising the ADL screenings! ?✨

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Bunnies. Always running late for very important dates. Another loop from my new animation breakfasts. Link in bio ✨????

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It's been a hectic few weeks but now – breakfast! Loop from my new mini-short animation "Breakfasts" link in bio. Enjoy! Xx ???✨

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Bagels w salmon and cream cheese. Mao ??? xx

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