Howlin’ at the moon! How the lunar calendar changes the taste of wine

Some people believe the moon holds special properties. Outside of turning people into ravenous werewolves, there are those who believe the moon brings about positive things, like making wine taste better.

Apparently, the taste of wine revolves around the biodynamic calendar which is used as a guide to the planting of crops. The calendar divides days into four distinct categories.

Fruit days, flower days, leaf days and root days all bring different characteristics to the taste of wine, according to believers of this theory.

For those that way inclined, the belief is that on fruit days – when the moon is passing through Sagittarius, Leo or Aries – wine will taste best.

While Root days (Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus) sees wine develop a more bitter flavour. Flower days will see a more pleasant taste while leaf days bring a less potent wine.

Well, it does explain why the same wine can often taste different on different days.

However, as with any theory grounded in astrology, there are some fun killers. Australian scientists have apparently disproven the theory.

So, whether you choose to believe the boffins down at the lab, or whether you let the moon determine your booze habits, we raise a glass to you!

Via Independent.