Watch this guy spend 17 hours clicking his mouse one million times

In one of the most unenviable achievements ever, a man became the fastest (and perhaps the only) person to click his mouse a million times. His record time? Almost an entire day.

Inspired by that other bored dude who counted to 100,000 in nearly 24 hours, YouTuber Reno Baker decided to take a crack at his own endurance run. The following video shows his heroic attempt at such a remarkable feat.

According to the former US Air Force serviceman, the keys to surviving such a challenge include staying hydrated, eating and drinking with one hand while the other keeps clicking, and of course, the support of family and friends (most of them, at least).

“My brothers were really excited that I was going to do something so crazy. My friends didn’t believe I was actually going to do it,” he told Motherboard. “My wife really didn’t care that much, but she was happy for me.”

He also advises to never surrender, even if you’re damn bored out of your mind already. “Just get past the first few hours,” he added. “If you can do that, you won’t let yourself give up.”

A true American hero, ya’ll.

Via Kotaku