Featured Image for Tim Tams have finally made it to the USA … you’re welcome America!

Tim Tams have finally made it to the USA … you’re welcome America!

But the real question is, will good people of the United States know the proper way to eat them?

It’s a fundamental part of the Australian identity, and now the Aussies have found it in their hearts to share their sweet bounty with their friends across the Pacific.

This won’t be the first time that Australia’s favourite chocolatey snack has graced the shores of the new world. Sporadic imports have seen Tim Tams dripping piecemeal into the US but this is something new, something bold!

The folks at Arnotts (the makers of Tim Tams) have launched a serious marketing drive to promote their product, with the likes of Armie Hammer and Jason Segel among the famous faces seen trying out the exotic new treat.

And what’s more, Aussie-away-from-home Maude Garrett took to social media to shout her love for Tim Tams. The LA-based TV show host and YouTube personality showed potential Tim Tam fans how best to eat her favourite biscuit.

There’s only one way to really enjoy a Tim Tam, and that is the Tim Tam Slam. Bite off two opposite corners and use the whole thing as a straw for some hot Milo before popping the whole melted mess in your mouth. Mmmmm….

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