This bizarre game has players fighting evil living panties

Yes, there’s a new game on the market called Panty Party. And yes, it’s as bizarre as the name would suggest.

The story of the game is basically a fight against a dark force which threatens to turn people into panties. It is yet to be established whether you are turned into clean panties or dirty panties, but nevertheless, the outcome is brutal.

To fight this evil panty power, you will be battling pairs of enemy panties (lacy and frilly) in high-speed, 3D, street-style combat.

Panty Party

Even better, each pair of panty comes with special abilities and powers, meaning that a G-string may be uncomfortable, but it could turn you invisible. The key to your power is your undergarment. To prepare for battle, you will need to choose your unmentionables wisely.

Surprise, surprise, Panty Party is NSFW as it includes sexual content, Anime, nudity, and… illuminati.

Okay, weirdos. If you haven’t started downloading the game already, you can get it on Steam now.

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Bronte is a media student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). She enjoys music, fitness, and exploring the city.

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