The world’s first 12-hour live commercial is here to teach you how to seize the day

What does ‘carpe diem’ mean to you? The literal translation is ‘seize the day’, which encourages you to live in the moment. But most people in modern societies seem to be so riddled with stress and anxiety about the past or the future that they simply don’t have time to seize the day.

Think of all the unique moments happening right now, across the globe, in the separate lives of millions of people. If these moments aren’t seized, they will be gone before they’ve begun. Mercedes-Benz is known for seizing each opportunity granted to them. From their very first car (the Motorwagen) in 1886, to regimented crash testing in 1958, Mercedes-Benz has a long list of innovative firsts to its name.

Now they’re adding another – the world’s first live commercial that goes on and on and on – for 12 hours!

Let me stop you before you say ‘Oh, that’s easy!’ They can just loop one clip for 12 hours?

Nope. They did it the hard way, with live choreography, live music, and a live stream – The Mercedes-Benz Now Experience.

Everything was done ‘in the now’, encouraging viewers to ‘carpe diem’ – seize the day.

The 12-hour film was an enjoyable challenge for renowned choreographer, sound and visual artist, Darren Johnston. He has previously experimented with minimalism, light mapping, and motion sensing technology, so it was exciting to see what he brought to the Now Experience.

Johnston’s work has previously been praised for its ability to ‘blur the line’ between theatre and visual art.

Adding to the event’s atmosphere of spontaneity and the spirit of transience was a live soundtrack. The composer re-arranged the track in the studio to create a live version that was unique throughout the 12 hours.

Ventures like this film are a peek into the future, but there are many ‘futuristic’ advances we already live with, like $5 notes that can be played like records, or reliable and premium electric cars. All you have to do is open your eyes to see the future, in the now.

The Mercedes-Benz now Experience was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to seize the day like you’ve NEVER done before. And while we’re talking innovation, be sure to check out newly launched Mercedes Brand for electro mobility, known as EQ. The spectrum ranges from electric vehicles to wall-boxes and charging services to home energy storage units. Truly electrifying!