Featured Image for This uber-cool world map reveals what each country is NUMBER ONE at

This uber-cool world map reveals what each country is NUMBER ONE at

Whoever said pigeonholing was a bad thing had definitely never seen anything like this. Prepare to have all your stereotypes swept aside by a swathe of new, surprising and entirely accurate – well – stereotypes.

Many readers will be familiar with Information is Beautiful, the gorgeous visualisations of myriad facts, figures and statistics created by designer David McCandless.

True to form his latest infographic offering to the world is an equally eye-catching and brain-pleasing layout entitled International Number Ones. McCandless’ world map presents each country on the planet tagged with whatever it happens to be the very best at.

Now before you start imagining that this is all brave faces and thumbs up, let’s not forget that it is perfectly possible to the best at something entirely negative. For instance, some lucky person out there in the world is the currently the human race’s most talented perpetrator of drunken assault.

You know who you are.

With this in mind you’ll be fascinated to learn that the proud nation of Georgia happens to excel at producing homophobes, while Somalia is the place to be if you’re looking for the very best in female genital mutilation.

But let’s not dwell on such disparate negatives. On the whole McCandless has collected data that paints a picture of a planet populated with variety and excellence. To name but a few, Costa Rica is the greatest place in the world for wellbeing, Canada offers the best refuge for personal freedom and Hungary is the prime producer of porn stars.

The data for this project was collected over 2016, so check out the International Number Ones for 2010 to see how some countries have changed their stripes.

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