This magazine is viciously trolling Trump with their cheeky barcode placement

The New European, take a bow – it’s simple, but it’s brilliant.

It’s safe to say that Europe has had its fair share of fascist dictators, so we should probably listen to them when they’re ringing the alarm bells.

Europeans are looking at what Trump is doing over in the US and seeing a lot of similarities to dictators in their own history.

Is it the immigration ban?

Is it the vilification of a marginalised minority?

Is it his attempt to subvert the executive and legislative branches of government?

Yes, yes and yes.

So, The New European has raised the alarm with a brilliant use of the humble barcode:=

Trump on The New European with a barcode moustache

Brilliant. (Imgur/The New European)

Editor Matt Kelly’s not-so-subtle comparison of Hitler and Trump are not entirely unwarranted.

Trump rose to power on a wave of racially charged populism, just like Hitler, and has even taken a few tricks straight from the German dictator’s playbook.

Like that time he floated the idea that Muslims should have name cards identifying them, and have their communities closely monitored – pretty much exactly what Hitler did to the Jews back in the mid 20th century.

But while we could sit here and argue all day about whether or not this is a fair comparison, people around the world are getting increasingly uncomfortable with Trump’s worrying disregard for democratic norms.

And by moving just one rectangle on their magazine cover, The New European have perfectly summed this up without saying a word.