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WTF? There’s now a drug for those with an addiction to tanning

You’ve probably never heard of it, but Melanotan II, better known as the “Barbie Drug,” is creating a new public health crisis in Australia.

Although not addictive in its own right, Melanotan II is becoming popular among people who have another kind of addiction altogether, namely: an addiction to tanning.

Yes, some people are so obsessed with having a perfect tan that they will go to great lengths in pursuit of one, even to the point of using tanning beds so often that it results in cancer.

The Barbie drug promises these people a perfect tan for $60 a bottle. All you have to do is inject the drug, and it will increase the pigmentation in your skin.

Just listen to this guy, who think Melanotan II is just great, and who looks like he’s probably something of an expert on self-administered injections:

Sounds simple enough, right? But it’s a lot more complicated that that. The Barbie drug has a series of unpleasant and dangerous side effects, including nausea, organ pain, and farting. It also seriously raises the risk of certain types of skin cancer.

Melanotan II can be prescribed by a doctor for certain pigmentation-related conditions. But it should not be abused by people who are just looking for a deeper tan. And it’s currently being sold widely online, to people who probably aren’t fully aware of the dangers they’re taking on.

We already have a big enough skin cancer problem in Australia. And if you really are that desperate for a tan, try spending some more time outside instead. There’s no need to risk damaging your health by injecting yourself with a carcinogenic, fart-inducing drug that you bought online.

After all, Barbie never injected herself with black market Melanotan II, that’s for sure. And come to think of it, I doubt she ever farted either.

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