Watch this epic Harry Potter battle in China

These Chinese Harry Potter fans aren’t messing around. Either they take the books way too seriously, or they don’t take fireworks seriously enough.

Anyone who’s been in China during Lunar New Year can tell you: the amount of fireworks going off at all hours of the day is absolutely insane. There’s really nothing like it. And every year, some video surfaces of people doing ill-advised things with fireworks.

This year’s winners: these two guys who decided to have a street battle in which they shot fireworks at each other, in an apparent homage to the wand duels from Harry Potter.

This looks really fun, honestly. But couldn’t these guys at least wear goggles? A pair of gloves might also be a good idea, as anyone who has played with roman candles will know that they often backfire.

In any case, it looks like these guys got away without injury. And they managed to generate a national news story in China.

And hey, at least they were just doing it for fun. Another recent fireworks battle in China was a lot more serious, and actually ended up as a battle between two villages, which had to be broken up by riot police. For the record, that one was not inspired by Harry Potter.

And we also have this amazing footage from earlier in 2016, which shows villagers in China resisting police with a full-on barrage of fireworks:

Now that is crazy. I hope they had a plan to get out of there after they ran out of fireworks, because I really doubt those riot cops would look kindly on this sort of welcome.

If you really feel the need to shoot fireworks at someone, maybe the Harry Potter duel is more advisable than the police firefight approach.

But really, if you’re that into Harry Potter, cosplay would probably be a lot safer, if a little less cool. Stay safe kids.