Photographer spends years taking photos of foggy Budapest, totally worth it

We’ve heard of stormchasers, but this was a welcome change. Budapest is one of those cities that doesn’t waste a moment of your time.

From its historical monuments to its quaint pubs, its old-world charm coupled with its forward-looking vibrancy makes for an unforgettable experience around every corner.

With that said, we’ve often wondered how Budapest’s local artists see their city. And we didn’t have to look very hard— there’s just something about these Hungarian photographers.

We came across Rizsavi Tamás’ work, a young man who apparently spent years chasing down Budapest’s fog. His collection takes us high above on city viewpoints to down below on riverbanks.

The results range from the eerie to the romantic, but the value of these shots is that they preserve glimpses of his beautiful hometown, in passing moments many take for granted.

Below are some of our favorites, but for the complete series, click the link at the bottom.

Rizsavi loves bridges and railways, and has taken numerous shots of them.

For more of Rizsavi’s work, follow him on Instagram.