This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of glow-in-the-dark undies

The human race has achieved another milestone, giving aliens yet another reason not to talk to us.

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time for you and that special someone to leave behind the earthly joys of roses, chocolates and stuffed bears. The gift you’ve been looking for is right here and it’s carefully folded for you: galaxy-themed, glow-in-the-dark underwear.

We have the geniuses of Make It Good, a handmade apparel brand from Portland, Oregon, to thank for these innovative undergarments.

Who can deny the practicality of being visible when the lights go out?

These guys may just have single-handedly killed the nightlight!

The snazzy design of heavenly bodies was done by artist Nate Crane, and it’s the same print for the entire product line including leggings. Hopefully your not-so-heavenly body has shaved off enough of that holiday weight for a perfect fit.

To see the full catalog, check out Make It Good on Etsy.

For a look at their other cool threads, visit them on Instagram.