Featured Image for This app helps you find the love of your life based on what you hate

This app helps you find the love of your life based on what you hate

People who talk too loudly on their phones in public spaces, mouth-breathers, or the dreaded socks and sandals combo. Which do you hate the most? Choose carefully because your answer could make the difference between finding love and staying alone forever!

Brendan Alper was once an employee of Goldman Sachs who left his job to pursue a career as a comedian. While thinking up jokes, he imagined the hilarious concept of a dating app that matches people based on their pet peeves.

Fairly quickly, however, he realised that he’d invented more than just a quick laugh and that studies had shown the app could actually ring true for a lot of people.

Thus, Hater Dater born.

The app has been tested in New York with roaring success. It’s pretty simple: users are confronted with over 3,000 topics and a choice of directions in which to swipe. Up for love, down for hate, left for dislike and right for like. Based on your subsequent tastes you are then matched with people in your general area. Genius!

This is a welcome breath of fresh air for many dating app users who are tired of being so relentlessly upbeat online in the fear that negativity will make them unattractive.

Just a few of the most hated topics include bad sidewalk etiquette, the 2016 presidential campaign, and stingy tipping, not to mention drain hair, butt selfies, and of course, POTUS himself!

If any of these get your gears grinding then Hater Dater is your path to true love. The app has gone live on Android and iOS. If you aren’t already sold on the joys of bonding over bitching, then you may be delighted to know that the app provides its very own ice-breaker game to avoid the awkward conundrum of actually, well… talking to each other.

As they say, haters gonna hate. Well, now haters are also gonna date.

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