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Now there’s a selfie app made ONLY for cats

Brooklyn-based software developers Current Studios have designed an app that takes selfies only of cats. The whole idea is to keep your little beast away from your curtains and furniture while you’re away. Yeah, hold on to that good thought.

The app, appropriately called ‘Candid Catmera’, displays flashy images and audio stimuli of fish, mice, and various treats. If the cat falls into the trap and touches the screen, then wham!, the app takes a pic.

With the tagline “The purrrfect solution to all your cat related selfie problems,” the app uses facial recognition technology built from the millions of photographs of felines available on the internet.

Current Studios president Nathan Kroll told to Adweek:

“About two years ago, we were asked by an agency if it was possible to make an Instagram for cats. In the process of exploring the concept, we found that some of our developers were using cat faces to test facial tracking libraries. One developer has actually built an OpenCV library of several hundred cats.

“That pitch never resulted in a project and the internal work was put on the shelf, until about six months ago, when we had the idea to evolve what we learned and create something a bit more unique.”

Current Studios partnered with the ‘Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (SPCA) to test their beta with real cats in the wild. When someone purchases the ‘Candid Catmera’ app (available only on iOS for now), a dollar goes to the SPCA to aid in their work.

Why do cats always get all the fun? I mean, there’s already a porn site exclusive for them, is there any hidden reason for such attention?

According to Kroll, a version for dogs is a bit more difficult to pull off due to the dissimilarities between breeds.

“There is no shortage of cat pictures on the internet, so we have over a million photos of cats in our library,” he said. “For dogs, their faces have a very wide range of looks. Just think how different a Great Dane looks compared to a Pug.”

So I guess poor Scooby is out of luck.

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