This indie game follows the life of a college dropout cat

Finally, a game has been produced to help us feel better about our own mediocre lives. It’s a game about a college drop out.

The character of the college dropout goes by the name of Mae Borowski. Funnily enough, this character is… wait for it… a cat. Yes, something we can all relate to.

After dropping out of college, Borowski returns to Possum Springs, her hometown to rekindle long lost friendships and the mundane life she once led. However, nothing has remained the same. Her friends have changed.

Okay, this is starting to ring some pretty personal bells…

The game takes a twist where things in Borowski’s hometown are changing. The weather is cooler and a strange atmosphere is closing in.

Oh yeah, there’s also something dark in the woods – hence the title Night in the Woods. The game is one of adventure, mystery, and exploration with a chance to interact with dozens of characters.

The game will be released February 21 and will be available on PC/Mac/Linux and PS4.