In India, they turn airplanes into luxury restaurants

In India, entrepreneurs have bought a scrapped Airbus A320 and converted it into a posh vegetarian restaurant. Not exactly the kind of place for you if you’re sick of flying…. or travel bans.

Located in the Northern city of Ludhiana, ‘Hawai Adda’ is a 72-seat vegan restaurant that also has a cafe, a bakery, and a kitty hall that can hold up to 40 people.

The idea behind this enterprise was inspired by the famous Maharajas’ Express, a luxurious train known for the ‘Rang Mahal’ and ‘Mayur Mahal’ restaurants, installed in two of the train’s cars.

Parampreet Singh Luthra, mastermind behind the whole operation told Mashable India, “We were inspired by the Maharaja Express and wanted to create something similar inside a plane.”

In India, they turn planes into luxury restaurants by Benjamin Pineros

The project took over a year to accomplish. The entirety of plane’s fuselage was redesigned to appear as an upscale restaurant, yet their main intention was to preserve the essence of the air traveling experience.

Luthra added, “We wanted to retain most of the original bits of the aircraft including its 1 million wires. So, we had to hire experienced engineers and airline support staff who knew the drill.”

The restaurant's bar

Aside from the various design challenges, the project also faced its fair share of controversy. According to the ‘Indian Express’, in late 2015, authorities were very concerned about the restaurant’s lack of proper fire safety clearances.

Bhupinder Singh, fire officer of the fire safety department of Ludhiana said at the time,

“Public places such as restaurants cannot start functioning until fire safety NOC is issued. They have to show us proper fire exits and how the kitchen inside will be safe. Fire safety office has not issued any NOC to this airplane restaurant yet. I will get it checked,”

Besides being a potential traffic hazard, the Indian news outlet ‘Daily Post’ reported that the land utilised to accommodate the plane was rented at an extremely irregular low price.

When inquired about the controversies, Parampreet Singh Luthra denied any issue with the project.  “We have all the clearances from the government,” he said.

The restaurant opened this past December and you can head to their Facebook page for reviews and other info.

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