Featured Image for Guy with too much money buys plane seats for all of his 80 falcons

Guy with too much money buys plane seats for all of his 80 falcons

Can’t falcons fly anyway? In a bizarre turn of events, a picture has surfaced which appears to show 80 falcons each sitting in their own seat on an airplane.

The image was shared on Reddit – because where else can you find weird stuff like this – by user lensoo with the caption: “My captain friend sent me this photo, Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks.”

It would appear the birds are seated in economy class – damn cheap ass prince can’t even afford to splash the cash for business? These birds are seriously mistreated…

Apparently, I’m led to believe by Qatar Airways official policies, having falcons on planes isn’t all that farfetched in the Middle East. So much so, that these policies in question actually state a limit of six falcons in economy class at any one time.

Hmmm would you rather sit next to a baby or a bird? One of the great plane dilemmas of our time.

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