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In Moscow, cats getting tattoos is a big thing

Cats with tats. It’s been a thing in Russia for a while now. And it’s been getting some people very, very upset.

You might wonder: why would anyone even want to tattoo a cat? Turns out there’s an easy answer: tatted up cats can sometimes look thoroughly badass, especially when they’re Russian cats.

A Cat with a tattoo

But there’s a perfectly reasonable objection to this trend: it’s cruel to the cat, presumably. Those of you with tattoos can easily confirm that the process is painful.

And clearly, it’s the owner who gets something out of it, not the cat. Let’s face it, a creature that will spend years chasing a laser pointer dot, without ever figuring out the trick, is probably not mentally equipped to appreciate the finer points of body art.

It should be said that the cat gets the benefit of painkillers during the tattooing process. But other than that, it’s exactly what you’d imagine:

The objections are understandable. You really shouldn’t tattoo your cat. Although it should be noted that neutering a cat also involves anaesthetic, as well as temporary pain, and is not for the benefit of the animal itself. But that doesn’t make it okay to tattoo your cat. Even though it looks really cool, and the cat probably doesn’t even remember it later.

There’s also been a related issue of pig tattoos in recent years. One enterprising artist in China started a business of selling live, tattooed pigs for tens of thousands of dollars:

The pig tattoo phenomenon got a similar amount of outrage. Most people will be upset at the sight of a tattooed pig. Although oddly, the sight of bacon doesn’t get the same response at all.

Let’s hope the trend of cat tattoos dies out soon. But in the meantime, since they’re already there for us to see, don’t feel bad if you think they look just a little bit cool.

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