Featured Image for These ceramics look like Shiba Inus and we definitely want one

These ceramics look like Shiba Inus and we definitely want one

Fukuoka, Japan-based artist Tetsuya Iseda has come up with a collection of ceramics perfect for Shiba Inu fans.

Iseda’s ceramic works feature adorable plates, cups, vases, and figurines that resemble the internet-famous dog breed. He handcrafts each one to contain those irresistible puppy dog eyes, as well as that infectious smile.

If there’s such a thing as a crazy cat lady, then these items have now made it possible to fill our homes with crazy Shiba Inu lady stuff.

Shiba Inu plates

Iseda also makes figurines inspired by other animals, such as cats and pugs. You can buy some of his creations over on Etsy.

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