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Mum gets weird note from stranger about how aircon ruins complexions

In Gold Coast, Australia, a mum and her baby were waiting in their parked car outside a school when they received a note from a stranger about, of all things, air-conditioning and skin care.

The stranger, a woman in her ‘50s, tapped on the mum’s window and handed her the piece of paper. It read:

“Just a short note to let you know that your air con is very noisy. I do not use mine because it is unhealthy, bad for your lungs and most of all your complexion. Do not feel obliged to turn it down, it is only my opinion about it.”

Forget the dangers of being in a hot car… apparently it’s our COMPLEXION we should all be worried about – if we use…

Posted by Gold Coast Mum on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blogger ‘Gold Coast Mum’, a friend of the other mum, posted a photo of the note on her Facebook page, criticising the stranger for choosing skin care over the baby’s health.

“Should babies and toddlers (and children, adults, and elderly) be forced to sit in sweltering conditions to avoid such a risk to their precious complexion?” she wrote, adding:

“On a day like today, when the outside temperature was mid-30s, temperatures can reach 50 degrees+ in just a matter of minutes in an un-air-conditioned car. I think that’s more of a concern, don’t you?”

While the mum who received the note responded with a pleasant, “I have a baby sleeping in the car,” many commenters felt that she should have told the old lady to piss off.

What do you think? To aircon or not to aircon?

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