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The Perk bracelet gives you a wearable caffeine hit

If you’re trying to cut back on caffeine, or maybe drink less coffee for the sake of whiter teeth, or even if you just like new toys and gadgets, you should definitely check out this caffeinated bracelet. Yes, I said: “caffeinated bracelet.”

It’s called Perk, and it delivers a caffeine hit to your bloodstream by letting your skin absorb everyone’s favourite molecule, directly from disposable patches which are inserted into the bracelet. This is called “transdermal delivery”, and it works just like nicotine patches or tabs of LSD.

If you’re wondering where the stuff in the patches comes from, it’s taken from natural sources of caffeine, but instead of coffee beans, Perk uses extract from guarana, which is the highly-caffeinated Amazonian plant you can find in stuff like Red Bull and Monster.

It all sounds good so far. But for those of you who love the quick intensity of a double espresso hit, Perk might not be for you: it’s designed to improve concentration and energy in a subtle way, without the edginess and jitteriness of a coffee-driven caffeine high.

For some, that will be great news, especially if you hate the anxiety that can come from too much coffee. But true coffee junkies will probably balk at being deprived of the socially acceptable high they’ve come to rely on.

According to the Perk website, the effects of the caffeine should kick in after about 20 minutes of wearing the bracelet. And one patch will deliver a dose of caffeine equivalent to about one cup of coffee.

To see its effects in action, watch this review from some willing test subjects who tried Perk:


Check out the Perk website if you want to find out more, or order your own starter kit. And if you find yourself wearing two Perk bracelets at all times, while mainlining espresso with crushed up caffeine pills mixed in, you might also want to also check out Caffeine Addicts Anonymous. Good luck.

Via Business Insider.