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Someone just paid a fortune for a cheeto that looks like Harambe

If you ever wanted to spend $100,000 on a cheeto that vaguely resembled Harambe the gorilla, you probably just missed your chance.

The miraculous cheeto in question, which was found in a package of “Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot”, was put up for auction on eBay on January 28, with a starting price of $11.99.

Ten days and 132 bids later, some lucky collector made off with the deal of a lifetime, snagging this priceless treasure for the rock-bottom price of $99,900. A mere pittance.

For those who aren’t familiar with Harambe’s legacy, he was the gorilla who was shot last year at the Cincinnati Zoo, only to be inexplicably immortalized in internet culture, and now also in cheeto form.

This isn’t the first time a piece of food sold for high prices on eBay owing to its vague resemblance to somebody famous. See, for example, the piece of toast that sold for $28,000 back in 2004, all because it allegedly resembled the Virgin Mary. And food which supposedly resembles Jesus is so common on eBay, it’s pretty much its own little industry at this point.

No word yet on what the proud owner wants to do with the now-infamous cheeto. Clearly this is someone with a more discerning eye than the rest of us. Most people would have eaten the thing without a second thought.

It’s also amazing that anyone spotted this. Who looks at cheetos while eating them? And even if the typical cheeto-eater were to notice a misshapen Harambe-like anomaly lurking in among the otherwise indistinguishable orange lumps, why would they have the wherewithal to put the thing on eBay?

The seller probably never expected anyone to buy it. Maybe the whole thing was originally meant as a joke. But the joke paid off, because he’s now nearly $100,000 richer than he was at Christmas. Which is enough to buy nearly half a million packs of Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot. Probably still not enough to buy an actual gorilla though.

The lesson here, for all of us: pay attention when eating your cheetos. You might already be the owner of another Harambe.

Via Salon.