The Soviet version of The Beatles’ Let it Be is just a VERY strange thing to see

Music truly is the only universal language, even when done very, very badly.

In today’s report from that part of the internet, we’ve unearthed this USSR-tailored rendition of Let it Be, one of the biggest hits from The Beatles. It’s quite a handful to take in all at once, so we’ll walk you through it.

Things start off at a low note with a close-up of a pale chick, with no explanation whatsoever. The singer then comes marching in surrounded by interpretive dancers in unitards.

Next enters a lovely couple (sarcasm) taking the second verse. They’re dressed up for what seems to be a godless marriage.

We’re then introduced to a young choir straight out of Children of the Corn. They bolster the chorus with angelic voices. The dancers close out the three-minute clip.

As Martin Schneider of Dangerous Minds mentions in his short analysis linked below, “It doesn’t happen too often, but today I sorely wish I understood Russian.”

We echo the sentiment, and think it’s high time we call the guy who did this to interpret this video.

Alas, however differently this one song may have come across to Soviet-era audiences, The Beatles’ talent and fame still very much swept the Motherland as it did the rest of the world. And as much has changed there in the last four decades, the same love for the music still lives on:

Друзья! Группа BeatLove едет во Францию! 17 марта мы выступим в парижском клубе L'Etage, а 19 марта примем участие в ежегодном фестивале Beatles Night в городе Васкеаль! Dear friends! The BeatLove goes to France! We'll perform at the L'Etage club in Paris on March 17 and then will take a part in the annual festival "Beatles Night" in Wasquehal on March 19! See you! #BeatLove #TheBeatLove #TheBeatles #Beatles #LesBeatles #BeatlesFrance #BeatlesParis #France #Paris #Wasquehal #BeatlesNight #LEtage #LEtageClub #LEtageClubParis #RussianBeatles

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And they seem to have gotten it right this time.

Via Dangerous Minds