WATCH: Bruce Springsteen brilliantly troll Trump/Turnbull at Melbourne gig

Bruce Springsteen brought his A+ troll game to Melbourne.

It turns out The Boss isn’t just a musical genius, he’s got some gags as well.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull have been having a bit of a tiff lately!

In short, Trump agreed to a refugee deal, then actually had a look at it and flip-flopped, then he berated the Australian Prime Minister, and then today he came out and had some more words for our great nation.

Thankfully, Bruce Springsteen was here to lighten up the mood a bit as he took the piss out of the entire fiasco.

In front of a huge crowd at AAMI Park, he said,
“We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight,” before launching into a cover of ‘Don’t Hang Up’ by The Orlons.

Cheeky bugger.

(Watch the video in the player above.)