Woman dyes her hair with Nutella, and the result is gorgeous!

We all know Nutella goes great on toast, but who knew it would also pair well with hair!

Beirut-based salon Abed & Samer is changing the hairdressing game by mixing the beloved hazelnut spread with condensed milked to turn it into hair colouring.

An Instagram video from Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty shows a woman’s blonde hair turn into a shade of cocoa after being drizzled with the odd concoction. Another clip shows a customer come out with caramel hair after doing the same procedure.

?????? I can't believe this!! Hair coloring using Nutella by @abedallahitani Nice results, who would try this? #hudabeauty

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In an interview with Cosmopolitan, hair colorist Aura Friedman tried explaining the rationale behind the curious hair product:

“I imagine that just as chocolate would stain if you got it on your clothing, it might do the same on hair,” said Aura. “I’m sure the oil from the hazelnuts would somewhat condition the hair, though it might be a hassle to get it out of the hair after.”

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But how long does the dye last? According to Abed Allahitani, a light caramel colour will last two or three weeks, while a darker shade will last longer.

Hmmm, impressive – considering Nutella for snacks lasts only one sitting with us.

Via Teen Vogue