Featured Image for Photographer captures the beautiful staircases of Budapest

Photographer captures the beautiful staircases of Budapest

Some people have a thing with floor tiles, others have a thing with Hungarian spiral staircases.

Balint Alovits, a photographer from Budapest, belongs to the latter group. He wanders his city looking for the most elegant and mesmerising spiral staircases as part of his series called Time Machine.

His collection features designs of different shapes, sizes, and colours. There’s a staircase that’s triangular in shape, and there’s also one that looks like a black-and-white seashell with square patterns adorning it.

Others are simpler, but nonetheless a beautiful reminder of the architectural styles and history adorning the Hungarian capital.

A triangle staircase

Alovits describes his photography style as “simple, precise and airy,” with most of his work “based on spatiality.” He adds that he like “looking for the pure aesthetics and harmony in nature and built environment, especially interiors.”

Find out more about Balint Alovits here.

Via My Modern Met