Featured Image for A T-Rex engagement photoshoot is the most romantic thing we’ve ever seen

A T-Rex engagement photoshoot is the most romantic thing we’ve ever seen

It’s a love story 65 million years in the making. Washington-based photographers Greg Basel and Maria Adams have come up with an engagement photoshoot proving there’ll always be someone to hold your hand – no matter how short your arms are.

Their hilarious concept features two T-Rex madly in love and frolicking in a snow-filled Mirabeau Park. The prehistoric couple can be seen doing all the cliché engagement poses, like riding a bike, kissing by a lake, and walking off into the horizon.

Two dinosaurs by a pond

According to Basel and Adams, the people in the costumes aren’t really set to get married. They just did the photoshoot to make us smile and prove that “love isn’t extinct.”

“To make others laugh and smile since there is so much depressing and sad news surrounding us daily,” they told Cosmopolitan, adding, “To let everyone know no matter who you are there is someone out there that loves you.”

A T-Rex couple riding a bike

You can see more of Greg Basel and Maria Adams’ work here.

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