Featured Image for This calendar lets you spend 2017 with Vladimir Putin

This calendar lets you spend 2017 with Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin redefines the word ‘candid’ in the 2017 edition of his annual calendar.

While Russia may have hit the headlines for some of the wrong reasons of late, their President has resurrected the reputation of the former superpower with the release of a calendar featuring a variety of images of himself.

Entitled A Whole Year With Russian President, it features all of your favourites!

Including but not limited to, Putin on a horse, Putin poses with kitten, Putin holds child and, who could forget everyone’s favourite, Putin poses seductively in army gear while straddling large tree.

They’re all here!

The calendar, which is all the rage at Moscow’s kiosks at the moment, can be purchased for 95 cents in the Russian capital.

While those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to call Russia home can score a copy on eBay for $8.88 AUD.

It’s a small price to pay for such luscious shots of the world’s most photogenic leader.

Via Mashable