Erm, someone actually thought of knitting instant noodles

Cynthia Dechany Suito is perhaps the world’s first artist to combine instant noodles (those things you eat in the run up to pay day) with knitting (that thing that hipsters and grandmothers do).

That’s right, the Lasalle fine arts graduate has been working with instant noodles as a medium since 2013. She’s interested in the contrast of the two activities, one being immediate and designed for instant gratification (hence the name) and the other a slow laborious process requiring patience and a calm demeanour.

According to Cynthia the process itself is actually quite simple as she treats the noodles like any other yarn. However, she spent months trialing different tools, techniques, and noodle brands.

because its almost as tall as me ~~ #knittingnoodles #knitting #art #crazyperson #whattodowiththis

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at shophouse5 til 9pm today knitting noodles setup #knitting #instantnoodles #performance #exhibition #knittingnoodles

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There was no mention in her interview with SG about whether she intends to market the results of her knitting. This is probably for the best as we’re not sure there’s much demand for soggy needle scarves…

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