Featured Image for Trick of the Light: Jake Stone’s first single since the Bluejuice breakup

Trick of the Light: Jake Stone’s first single since the Bluejuice breakup

Australian pop band Bluejuice might have disbanded, but their music lives on – at least in the form of a new track called ‘Trick of the Light’.

After the band went their separate ways in 2014, extroverted frontman Jake Stone quickly went to work. He’d collaborated with various artists and had written and produced his own tunes, ‘Trick of the Light’ being the first of which.

Listening to the single, its punk-hop beats is reminiscent of Bluejuice’s signature sound. However, you’ll also notice how the music has evolved to reflect more of Stone’s style.

You can listen to ‘Trick of the Light’ below while reading more through our interview with Jake Stone himself.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room: you recorded this fantastic new track (Trick of the Light), it’s already getting Triple J airplay, and yet (hush hush) it’s not even mastered. How … why … who? Tell us the story behind the recording of the new single.

“The story behind recording Trick is simple – my friends Alex Gooden (FOH for Safia, Hermitude) and Dan Williams (drummer for Vera Blue and Art vs Science), and Dan Farrugia were all living together in a huge warehouse, and I spent a lot of time there hanging out.

“We’d just play music for fun, and record for fun. This is one of those tunes.  I’d had it for a little while, in parts. We added a lot, and the result is Trick Of The Light.”

When Bluejuice disbanded, and left a large void in the live music scene in Australia, what did you do with yourself to start killing hours in the day (keep it clean please, wink wink).

“Honestly, other than a couple of jobs (Musić NSW Education Officer and a pasta delivery job), I’ve been DJ-ing and hosting events, and making very little money.

“I took up boxing and kickboxing, and doing that has kept me fit and engaged physically.

“Emotionally, the loss of the band has been very difficult, and my relationship also recently ended so it’s been tough times. But I’m always in a bad situation really, I’m not a very good adult.”

Have you missed the energy of getting out in front of Bluejuice and wowing the audience with your outrageous dance moves (and stage outfits. They are stage outfits, right?)

“Yes, I do miss performing. I miss recording, also. I wonder if anyone would like any of the new music, or whether I’m even in a good position to perform it?”

We hear you have at least one more musical gem just bursting to be released on the world. Tell us about it, and can I have an advance listen please.

“There are actually several tunes, but the ones I imagine everyone will get to hear first are three songs. One is called All We Get, and it’s a bit Supertrampy.

“The other is called Astronaut and sounds like Kanye production era Jay Z, with a melodic vocal, and the last one is called EVE and it sounds like Stevie Wonder turned up very loud.”

When are you going to get out and tour these new songs? Need a roadie with a really weird name?

“I would love to tour and play, and yes you can come if you’re willing to work FOR FREE. ;)”