This ridiculous $2,000 pizza has real gold for toppings

In New York City, a restaurant has come up with a pizza with the most absurd topping: pineapples gold.

Industry Kitchen on South Street recently took the humble pizza and made it ridiculously fancy (and unaffordable). Called the Golden Pizza, it contains the finest ingredients such as 24-karat Ecuadorian gold leaves, stilton cheese imported from England, Ossetra caviar from the Caspian Sea, and French foie gras and truffles.

The price for such a pie? AUS$2,670 (US$2,000). That’s about AUS$333 (US$250) for each of the pizza’s eight slices, and about AUS$66 (US$50) for every bite!

You’ll also have to notify the restaurant 48 hours in advance, but we doubt there’ll be a long line (two pies, however, have been sold since it was introduced in November).

Check out the following video to know more about the Golden Pizza.

Via Geekologie

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